A Discreet Arrival

Step into Carstensz Mall and receive a warm welcome from our amiable doorman and supportive concierge team. They are ready to guide you into the future of shopping and entertainment. Here, every detail is thoughtfully designed to blend futuristic elegance with a personal touch, ensuring every visit is a pleasant journey into the next-level retail experience.

The Club

The place where friends gather, there's much laughter, and unforgettable memories are created in a welcoming and energetic ambiance. It's more than just a shopping experience; it assures a sanctuary where you can enjoy life, laugh, and love.

The Art of Play

Dive into the Art of Play, a haven of joy and entertainment where you'll find a world teeming with thrilling games and attractions. Let loose, challenge friends, and enjoy a playground designed for all ages, where every game is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

The Art of wellness

Step into a world of well-being at the Art of Wellness, a sanctuary dedicated to nurturing mind, body, and soul. Here, we invite you to unwind, recharge, and find peace in a harmonious setting that echoes with tranquility.

Utopia Art Space

Art is the most intense visionary of individualism that the world has known. It is a home for various crafts and a space both for artists and enthusiasts to explore, express, and evolve their virtuosity. With influential art space, delicate galleries, and dynamic event spaces, Utopia Art Space is more than a mere canvas for visitors to create, exhibit, and connect.

utopia market

The Carstensz mall is the most upscale cozy mall in Serpong. That is because you can easily find the life style of hangout place. The Carstensz mall is spacious with comfortable and homey vibes, which will enhance your shopping experience. The restaurants offer plenty of great food that can pamper you after a long day of shopping sprees around the mall.

the chill lounge

A Foodcourt need to be reinvented into something new. A Foodcourt of the future is no longer about just eating, but it is about connectuing between peers, to chill, to relax, and also become a symbol of pride for the people eating there. So without further due, let us present The Chill Lounge, A New Style Foodcourt